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droxy in misti_con_2013

Con is fast approaching! last minute registration and fic reading and volunteers needed

If you haven't purchased a full registration yet, what are you waiting for! This is a HP convention that is one of a kind and you don't want to miss!
Day and Weekend passes are also available! Go to : http://www.misti-con.org/registration.html to buy tickets!

Need more convincing? We have been updating our home page with letters and videos from our special guests and staff. Telling you why THEY are excited for MISTI-Con!

April 30th is not just the last day to buy registrations, its also the last day to register to read your fan fic!
Submit your fan fiction here
-- http://www.misti-con.org/fanfic.html

Volunteers still needed.

volunteers are still needed at MISTI-Con! Different shift lengths and positions are available.

For more information check out our volunteer page and form: