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droxy in misti_con_2013

Hotel and Registration status

From the FB Misticon site-

1. Registrations are not sold out! We still have space for you at MISTI.

2. The Margate IS sold out (Lakefront and Inn buildings are both part of the Margate) many of the people who are in those rooms though are looking to share them!

3. If you are one of those people who wants a roommate, or have room at the Margate that you want to share- post and regularly check our forums! There are people to meet up with! http://misticon.proboards.com/index.cgi

4. We now have an official block of rooms at the overflow hotel- The Landmark. To reserve a room in our block there, call and reserve, but be sure to mention MISTI-Con! http://thelandmarkinn.net/


Yes! SQUEEE! Irish got her email from Clay stating she is shown as having a Margate room! My email from Clay/Misticon stated I was not shown as having a room. If you get an email stating you are not shown as having a room, it's nothing to panic over as you are rooming with us. So for us gals, we look good to go, except plane tickets! (and costumes and everything else I haven't done).

Congrats on the formal proposal. That's the tarot card one right? I was really late on getting my presentation submissions in. My very bad! I am more "fan" presentation than "academic". But it's good to know that folks are getting go/no go emails already.