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Latest MISTI-Con Updates and Announcements

91 days till MISTI-Con!

The MISTI-Con staff is in super crunch mode and we have been releasing a ton of info. Here is a brief roundup along with relevant links:

1.Our Keynote Luncheon details are now online and tickets are now available. The Keynote is a live recording of MuggleNet Academia Podcast staring special guests Janet Scott Batchler and John Granger. Janet is a writing professor at USC and a screenwriter with multiple hollywood credits including Pompeii, and Batman Forever.  John Granger is known as "The Hogwarts Professor" and has published multiple books about Harry Potter literary analysis and has given lectures at countless HP conventions.

Tickets are $25 and include lunch. Please visit the Keynote webpage for more details: http://www.misti-con.org/keynote.html

2. Our Call for Fan Fiction is now live! - If you want to read your fic at MISTI-Con please fill out our Call for Fan Fiction form, located here: http://www.misti-con.org/fanfic.html
Deadline is March 15th.

3. We will be having a live QnA Chat on Tuesday Feb. 12th at 8pm. To enter the chat go to this url: http://misti-con.org/chatlive.html

Thank you!


8pm - what time zone, please?

Also, is formal programming finalized yet?

MISTI-Con Livejournal QnA

Eastern time.

And we should have the formal programming LIST available any day now. The scheduling is going to take a bit longer because we are still getting confirmations from the speakers.

Typo! The chat is on the 12th

I am terribly sorry, but I noticed I had a typo. The chat is on Tuesday the 12th not the 13th.