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Jul. 29th, 2012

Floo DMT


[sticky post] Misti-con sticky post

Dear folks on LJ

This is really a site to help direct you to the main misti-con pages.

I am here to help.

What is MISTI-Con?

The Group That Shall Not Be Named (HP-NYC), in cooperation with Ray "The Dark Lord Bartender" Smith and the Margate Hotel, Laconia, New Hampshire, are thrilled to announce a new Harry Potter fan convention to be held in May of 2013 called MISTI-Con. Designed to fill the need for smaller, more intimate HP conventions, MISTI-Con will transform the Margate into an immersive magic experience.

The Ministry has suffered great losses after the last wizarding war, and needs new bright individuals to work in its halls. A special project was launched to set up various training centers around the world, including one in a stunning beach resort in Laconia, New Hampshire. As applicants participate in the various training sessions, including academic presentations, combat skills, group discussions and panels, they have the opportunity to be hired on to work in any of the extensive departments in the Ministry. Being that this is a time of growth and renewal, the arts and creative endeavors of our magical citizenry will also be on display, with galleries of art, readings of fiction, and musical performances.

To keep up to date and find out more information about MISTI-Con as it becomes available, please join our mailing list.

You can also find out more by reading our FAQ or by visting our Forum.

Join our Kickstarter.

Learn more about our Donors.

Check out convention listings at SciFiConventions.com

MISTI-con got a huge boost from kickstarter a few months ago.  There will be stage set and all sorts of great entertainment and decor.

Misti-con is limited to 500 attendees.

Registration is here:  http://www.misti-con.org/registration.html

Hotel Info is here:  http://www.misti-con.org/hotel.html

MISTI-Con 2013 will be held at the same place Aeternitas was held.

May. 26th, 2014




I cant change the name so using this site for MISTICON2015.



MISTI-Con is a Harry Potter fan convention designed to be a more intimate, immersive fan experience. It will focus on the talent, art and achievements of the members of the fandom itself, highlighting the fantastic participatory nature of the community. Visit www.misti-con.org for updates and more information about the convention.

The convention will be held from midday Thursday May 21st to Monday morning May 25th, 2015 at the Margate Resort in Laconia, New Hampshire.

The Margate provides us EXCLUSIVE use of their hotel. All the hotel rooms and conference halls will be for MISTI-Con's use, and the full hotel has been reserved for MISTI-Con attendees. The hotel facilities will also include a huge outdoor events tent that will house the larger convention programming. Most wonderful of all, the Margate allows MISTI-Con to extensively decorate as much of the hotel as possible, creating the immersive environment that is part of our larger goal.

We are happy to announce that even a year in advance, we have a great line-up of special events planned which include:

  • A grand Opening Gala Spectacular.

  • An original, Wizardly Themed, Murder Mystery dinner theater performance by Clever by Half Productions - Watch the trailer here! http://youtu.be/aO69mz1n9PM

  • Our Wizard Rock Nightclub Show

  • The 2nd Ministry Masquerade Ball

  • The Wizarding World's Fair- a day long event on Saturday. Including: a craft faire,  wizarding cultural exchange from around the world, performances, games, and much more!

What your pledges go toward:

  • Deposit payments for the hotel conference room space and the event tent

  • Materials for decorations and creating a thematic atmosphere at the convention, and for printing of all materials related to the convention

  • Fees and travel expenses for our artists and performers

  • Transportation expenses of con materials and supplies

  • Marketing materials to help spread the word of MISTI-Con and make it as successful as it can be

PLEASE NOTE: Without your support there are no funds to print initial marketing materials or provide deposits and advances to the hotel and some of our entertainers. Your pledges will allow us to get this magic ball rolling and create a spectacular event you can all be a part of!

What if we exceed our goal?

That would be awesome! We can add even more, larger, decorations, expand our lineup of performers, create even more special materials to show off the art of the fandom and generally make this entire experience even better!

We also have several very specific stretch goals that with your support we hope to reach!

If we reach $8,000, we will have a cocktail hour with appetizers before the Opening Gala.

If we reach $12,000, the Opening Gala will end with a magical fireworks display over The Margate Hotel's main lawn.

If we reach DOUBLE our goal, $14,600 we will add a dessert bar to our Masquerade Ball!

Our final stretch goal, $21,900, will provide us with enhanced audio/visual and lighting systems.

Apr. 17th, 2014



Hello again from MISTI-Con!

Its been a while, but the MISTI-Con team has been hard at work preparing for 2015. We are thrilled to announce that we have launched our fund raising campaign for the 2015 convention!


We also apologetically admit that we still stink at Livejournal. But the fantastic Droxy will be taking over for us on LJ again shortly.

We have been blown away by the speed at which our FundRazr has grown. We are already at 170% to goal and went past 2 stretch goals with a third in our sights!

Early Bird, VIP and Chief Mugwump registrations are still available as are many perks. So please check it out and tell your friends!

Thank you and I hope everyone is well and having a magical day!
-Jonathon Rosenthal, Co-Chair and Logistics Coordinator

FundRazr introduction video:

Jul. 10th, 2013

death eater1


Misti-Con 2015

MISTI-Con 2015 Will be Held Memorial Day Weekend, Thursday May 21st - May 25th!

apparently you can make hotel reservations.


Apr. 28th, 2013



Con is fast approaching! last minute registration and fic reading and volunteers needed

If you haven't purchased a full registration yet, what are you waiting for! This is a HP convention that is one of a kind and you don't want to miss!
Day and Weekend passes are also available! Go to : http://www.misti-con.org/registration.html to buy tickets!

Need more convincing? We have been updating our home page with letters and videos from our special guests and staff. Telling you why THEY are excited for MISTI-Con!

April 30th is not just the last day to buy registrations, its also the last day to register to read your fan fic!
Submit your fan fiction here
-- http://www.misti-con.org/fanfic.html

Volunteers still needed.

volunteers are still needed at MISTI-Con! Different shift lengths and positions are available.

For more information check out our volunteer page and form:
Not my Snape


Paging Stephanie

Please get in touch with me ASAP - re the room.  I will be cancelling the reservation if I don't hear from you by the end of the day.

Apr. 16th, 2013

Not my Snape


Margate Room Available

I have a double room at the Margate that I won't be using. If anyone would be interested, I can transfer the reservation. email me at tudorpot at gmail dot com

Apr. 5th, 2013



Call for Fan Fiction

We have decided to keep the call for Fan Fiction open a while longer. So this is a call out to all you writers. Have your stories be heard! If you aren't comfortable reading it yourself we can get a reader for you. Would you like to be a reader, even if you haven't submitted any writings? Please come volunteer to be a reader for those stage shy writers. Please go to the website for more information!

Apr. 2nd, 2013

foxestacado: 01


Looking for Misti-Con Roommate!

I have a non-smoking room at the main convention hotel, the Margate Hotel (Inn Building) with two double beds. My roommate backed out, so I'm looking for another roommate!

I am looking for 1 or 2 clean and considerate roommates, preferably female, to split the cost of a room. Please feel free to share this info with any people you know who are looking for rooms and roommates.


  • Checking in: Thursday, May 9, 2013

  • Checking out: I plan to check out Sunday, May 12th, but the room is booked through Monday, May 13th. If a potential roommate would like to stay through Monday, May 13th, that's absolutely possible.

Rates (for 1 roommate; divide by 2 for 2 roommates)

  • Thursday, May 9th: $44.50 + tax

  • Friday, May 10th: $54.50 + tax

  • Saturday, May 11th: $54.50 + tax

  • Sunday, May 12th: $89.00 + tax (not split, since I won't be staying on Sunday)

Mar. 26th, 2013

my bag tag from melbourne


hotel room at the Margate available

Hi folks,

I have had to back out of going to Misti-Con due to job responsibilities. I've sold my early-bird registration, but still have a deposit paid on a primo room at the Margate if anyone is interested:

Date of Arrival : Thursday, May 09, 2013
Date of Departure : Monday, May 13, 2013
Room Type : LakeView, One King Bed, Non-Smoking
Room Rates* : May 9,12 $119.+tax/nt. May 10,11 $139.+tax/nt. +tax
Deposit Received : $129.71
Additional Info : Misticon Lakeview King size bed

I know the Margate's been sold out for some time, so if anyone wants this room, please reply to this message and we'll exchange info. I don't imagine the Margate will mind transferring the registration as long as the deposit stays in place.


Mar. 1st, 2013

Floo DMT



Registration Price Increases to $175 Tonight!

- Today is the last chance to register for MISTI-Con at our standard registration price of $150. You don't want to miss the incredible programming and special events planned at this unique Harry Potter getaway event!
Click here to purchase your registration today!

Convention Program Now Online!

-- Check out the list of Formal Programming, Presenter Bios, and the convention schedule!

Many Special Event Tickets Still Available!

- We are still selling tickets and have seats available for the following special events:

-- The MuggleNet Academia Live! Keynote with Janet Scott Batchler and "The Hogwarts Professor" John Granger!

-- The Mother's Day Brunch, featuring the vocal magic of Vladamir Snape (Nigel Taylor of Platform One), special Mother's Day photos from The Enthusiasts and cocktails!

Don't Miss Out on the MISTI-Con T-Shirt

-- Check out our convention t-shirt design and pre-order yours to make sure we have it for you at the con. Only a limit number of non pre-order shirts will be at the con, so a pre-order is the only way to ensure we have your size.

It's Not a Fashion Show, It's Not a Skit show, It's The MISTI-Con Costuming Superlative Showcase!

-- Free to enter! Everyone wins! Show off to your friends and take home a Merlie!

And Don't Forget!

-Main competition positions are closed for The W.A.R.T, but we still have FOUR alternate slots available.

-If you need shuttle service from either Boston Logan or Manchester New Hampshire airport, reservations are still available.

-Call for Fan Fiction is still open! Closes March 15th.

-Are you a musician and want to perform at MISTI-Con? We have available time periods where acoustic sets can be performed in The Margate main lobby. E-mail us at info@misti-con.org if you are interested.

Feb. 6th, 2013



Latest MISTI-Con Updates and Announcements

91 days till MISTI-Con!

The MISTI-Con staff is in super crunch mode and we have been releasing a ton of info. Here is a brief roundup along with relevant links:

1.Our Keynote Luncheon details are now online and tickets are now available. The Keynote is a live recording of MuggleNet Academia Podcast staring special guests Janet Scott Batchler and John Granger. Janet is a writing professor at USC and a screenwriter with multiple hollywood credits including Pompeii, and Batman Forever.  John Granger is known as "The Hogwarts Professor" and has published multiple books about Harry Potter literary analysis and has given lectures at countless HP conventions.

Tickets are $25 and include lunch. Please visit the Keynote webpage for more details: http://www.misti-con.org/keynote.html

2. Our Call for Fan Fiction is now live! - If you want to read your fic at MISTI-Con please fill out our Call for Fan Fiction form, located here: http://www.misti-con.org/fanfic.html
Deadline is March 15th.

3. We will be having a live QnA Chat on Tuesday Feb. 12th at 8pm. To enter the chat go to this url: http://misti-con.org/chatlive.html

Thank you!

Jan. 19th, 2013



What do people want?

Pondering selling crafts at Misti-Con to help fund my nephew's tuition. (He has acquired learning disabilities after cancer at age 3- thankfully fully cured now.) 
Not having been to con, I don't know what sort of thing sells, or if people buy stuff at all. I do paper arts and sewing.

Jan. 10th, 2013

failing to plan is planning to fail


Featured vendor sponsor

Need costuming and wizarding gear?

Remeber Salem is a Misti-con sponsor.



Hotel and Registration status

From the FB Misticon site-

1. Registrations are not sold out! We still have space for you at MISTI.

2. The Margate IS sold out (Lakefront and Inn buildings are both part of the Margate) many of the people who are in those rooms though are looking to share them!

3. If you are one of those people who wants a roommate, or have room at the Margate that you want to share- post and regularly check our forums! There are people to meet up with! http://misticon.proboards.com/index.cgi

4. We now have an official block of rooms at the overflow hotel- The Landmark. To reserve a room in our block there, call and reserve, but be sure to mention MISTI-Con! http://thelandmarkinn.net/

death eater1


Mother's Day Brunch at Misti-con

The dirct misti con link is here:  http://www.misti-con.org/mothersdaybrunch.html

If you are attending MISTI-Con from May 9th-13th at the Margate Resort in Laconia, New Hampshire, tickets are now available for the Mother's Day Brunch on Sunday morning. This event will take place from 12:00PM until 2:00PM in the Main Events tent.

We will be sharing some very special announcements in the very near future, and they alone will be worth the convention ticket, so stay tuned for more to come.


Tickets for Mother's Day Brunch at MISTI-Con now available | MuggleNet

The #1 source for everything Harry Potter! Latest Harry Potter news, images, video, rumors, and dis...

Dec. 19th, 2012



The 12 Days of MISTI-Mas

Hello again everyone;

MISTI-Con is happy to announce the 12 Days of MISTI-Mas. This is a campaign we have running from December 14th - December 25th that has a giveaway AND a chance to win a FREE registration!

Any standard registration purchased between Dec. 14th and Dec.25th will be entered to win that registration for FREE!

Additionally, the first 7 registrations during this period will receive FREE the 2013 MuggleNet Fandom Calendar! There are still calendars to be claimed!

Visit http://www.misti-con.org/daysindex.html to see a new post for each of the 12 Days, which showcase reasons why MISTI-Con registration is an excellent gift for others or yourself!

Visit http://www.misti-con.org/mistimas.html to see the posts to date!

Thank you and have a happy holiday and new year!

P.S. Please note that our Call for Programming ends Dec. 31st! Submission information can be found on our website.

Dec. 1st, 2012

death eater1


Craft fair applications open

I've been a bit remiss in keeping Lj up to snuff.

Join The MISTI-Con Corridor of Charmed Crafts and Author's Alley!

- Our Craft Faire application is now live! The MISTI-Con Craft Faire (Corridor of Conjured Crafts) will be held Friday night of the convention, May 10th 6pm-9pm. It will take place in our main events tent.

The Faire will also include Author's Alley, a section dedicated to Authors who sign up to market and/or sell their books.

The deadline for applications is January 31st, 2013. Additional information and the application form can be found at the link here:

The Margate is Over 80% Capacity - Reserve Your Room Today!

- MISTI-Con will have an overflow hotel ready in case of full booking, but the best way to experience the con is at The Margate.  Reserve your room or find a roommate using our online forum.

Hotel Reservation Info
MISTI-Con Online Forum

Oct. 23rd, 2012



Shuttle from Boston Poll

Hello everyone,

From the very beginning of planning MISTI-Con, we were prepared to offer shuttle service from Manchester Airport to the hotel.

We are now considering adding one special shuttle run from Boston to Laconia.  We need to know how many people are interested in this.

Here are the basic details.  On the Thursday of the convention, we will run 1 shuttle run around the late afternoon probably from Boston's major airport. The arrival time will be set so that you have enough time to check-in to the hotel and prepare for the Opening Gala. There will be another shuttle run after the closing breakfast on Monday.

There will be an additional fee for this (the Manchester/Laconia shuttles will have a fee as well).

If you voted in the Facebook version of the poll, please do not vote again here.

Thank you!
-Jon R.

Poll #1874211 Would you like a shuttle from Boston to MISTI-Con?

Would you like a shuttle from Boston to MISTI-Con?


Oct. 9th, 2012

Floo DMT



Fans  demanded it, and the fans got it.

So far no final details but there will be one!


After pouring over spreadsheets, scheduling grids, floorplans, ancient coptic scrolls, and speaking with the head of magical Bedazzler use and glue-gun enchanting department we have determined that we will indeed have a Craft Faire!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for information on how to sign up and where it will be in our schedule. And remember, the more people who attend MISTI-Con, the more who can see your crafts! Tell your friends about MISTI-Con today and lets get this con sold out!

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