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Floo DMT

droxy in misti_con_2013


Fans  demanded it, and the fans got it.

So far no final details but there will be one!


After pouring over spreadsheets, scheduling grids, floorplans, ancient coptic scrolls, and speaking with the head of magical Bedazzler use and glue-gun enchanting department we have determined that we will indeed have a Craft Faire!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for information on how to sign up and where it will be in our schedule. And remember, the more people who attend MISTI-Con, the more who can see your crafts! Tell your friends about MISTI-Con today and lets get this con sold out!


craft fair

i am glad there will be a craft fair. i cannot support artists

who create things by hand enough! there is good magic in this

and good shopping as well.

Re: craft fair

What's nice is most crafts are reasonably priced and unique.
Well sweety, you better bring some crafts!!!!!
Just spread the word electronically. =)