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erratic0101 in misti_con_2013

Shuttle from Boston Poll

Hello everyone,

From the very beginning of planning MISTI-Con, we were prepared to offer shuttle service from Manchester Airport to the hotel.

We are now considering adding one special shuttle run from Boston to Laconia.  We need to know how many people are interested in this.

Here are the basic details.  On the Thursday of the convention, we will run 1 shuttle run around the late afternoon probably from Boston's major airport. The arrival time will be set so that you have enough time to check-in to the hotel and prepare for the Opening Gala. There will be another shuttle run after the closing breakfast on Monday.

There will be an additional fee for this (the Manchester/Laconia shuttles will have a fee as well).

If you voted in the Facebook version of the poll, please do not vote again here.

Thank you!
-Jon R.

Poll #1874211 Would you like a shuttle from Boston to MISTI-Con?

Would you like a shuttle from Boston to MISTI-Con?



MISTI-Con Livejournal QnA


Are you signed up for our mailing list? It contains links to our airport shuttle van info.

Which can also be found here:

We will have 1 shuttle van run from Boston Logan to The Margate on the Thursday afternoon of the con. Scheduled to arrive with some time before the Opening Gala.

If we have enough requests we can add a Boston shuttle van run for Wednesday.

all the details are on that website. Let me know if you have any other questions.