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my bag tag from melbourne

hechicera in misti_con_2013

hotel room at the Margate available

Hi folks,

I have had to back out of going to Misti-Con due to job responsibilities. I've sold my early-bird registration, but still have a deposit paid on a primo room at the Margate if anyone is interested:

Date of Arrival : Thursday, May 09, 2013
Date of Departure : Monday, May 13, 2013
Room Type : LakeView, One King Bed, Non-Smoking
Room Rates* : May 9,12 $119.+tax/nt. May 10,11 $139.+tax/nt. +tax
Deposit Received : $129.71
Additional Info : Misticon Lakeview King size bed

I know the Margate's been sold out for some time, so if anyone wants this room, please reply to this message and we'll exchange info. I don't imagine the Margate will mind transferring the registration as long as the deposit stays in place.



I have a friend who is looking sent her an email