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Oct. 9th, 2012



Informal Presentations

Go here: http://www.misti-con.org/informal.html

Informal Programming

Informal programming at MISTI-Con includes lots of varying types of programs, including such things as Quidditch matches, fan-fiction readings and much more. Here are some highlights that will definitely be a part of MISTI-Con:

The Wizarding Competition: Ray "The Dark Lord Bartender" Smith and his team will be organizing and implementing this series of events over the course of the con, this competition promises to will be a one of a kind experience for participants and spectators!

The Athletic Track: During the days at the convention there will be a series of games, activities, and Quidditch matches available for you to join as you please. This series of events will be organized by Jessica "Kamikaze" Klein who has just been named as one of the players on the U.S. National Quidditch Team.

Social Events and meet ups: Interested in organizing a meetup or group gathering at MISTI-Con? Check out our Call for Meetups and fill out our form.

death eater1


Formal programming

Go here:  http://www.misti-con.org/formal.html

MISTI-Con’s formal programming will be held between 9am and 5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in our conference rooms with a 2 hour lunch break starting at noon.


(Deadline to submit a formal proposal is Friday November 30, 2012 11:59 PM)

MISTI-Con will explore the idea of the Wizarding World after the war against Voldemort ended and, likewise, seeks to encourage the expansion and flourishing of the HP fandom now that the books and movies have all been concluded.  As such, we are calling upon you to express yourself and delve further into your interests within the series.

MISTI-Con also explores a role-playing theme of the Ministry recruiting and training talented wizards and witches to fill much needed positions in the magical government ranks. MISTI-Con's Formal Programming team will be selecting various tracks that submitted programming might fit into so that con goers can fulfil requirements to get hired on into various Ministry departments.

The MISTI-Con committee would like to invite you to submit proposals for any panels, lectures, roundtables, presentations, interactive workshops, etc. that relate to the universe of Harry Potter.  

If there is mature content that will be included in your program, please notify us so that we can place the appropriate warnings to underage con-goers in the description, should your proposal be accepted.  

Also note that, as the convention falls during Mother’s Day, we are seeking programming that caters to this theme.

If you are unsure if your proposal would be classified as “informal programming” submit here anyway and we will can redirect it to our Informal Programming team.

Below you will descriptions of our presentation formats followed by the link to our Call for Proposals form. If you would like to jump to the form just click here -->Call For Proposals Form



Introducing our literary guests!

Introducing our literary guests!

As part of our Formal Programming, MISTI-Con will also have a robust literary track. This is completely included in your registration! We are still working on adding literary guests and speakers, but here is a sneak preview of some of our confirmed authors:

Amanda HavardAmanda Havard - Author of The Survivors and the inventor of the Immersedition, patent-pending interactive book, an app that reinvents the reading experience.
Leanna Renee HieberLeanna Renee Hieber - Author of The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, Darker Still: A Novel of Magic Most Foul and more. She also plays Deputy Kellion in the web series Auror's Tale.

Alethea KontisAlethea Kontis - Co-author of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter Companion. Author of Enchanted, and her short fiction, essays, and poetry have appeared in over ten anthologies.

Cecilia TanCecilia Tan - Cecilia Tan is the author of over a dozen novels including The Siren and the Sword, The Prince's Boy, and Slow Surrender. Her short stories have appeared everywhere from Ms. Magazine to Asimov's. She is also the founder of Circlet Press.

You can find out more about these authors, including extended bios and website links on our Special Guests page.

offical drink


Chair postions announced!

Presenting our newest team members:

Misti-con recently finished interviewing and bringing on board our latest department chairs and assistant staff. It was incredibly difficult choosing from an AMAZING selection of applicants. We can't wait to work with our growing team, each of whom is dedicated to this fandom and passionate about the area of the convention they are responsible for. We will have their bios online very soon on our organizers web page.

Fan Art Chair
Alison Fahey

Academic Papers Chair
Lesley Hathorn

Sponsorship Chair
Jodie Fox

Community Programming Chair
Abby Hupp

Logistics Assistant Staff
Deanna Georges

Fan Fiction Chair
Sara Phillips

Formal Programming Team Member
Traci Hall

Oct. 8th, 2012



INFORMAL Meetup requests being taken

In past cons informal meetups were at "the bar" or a restraunt down the street or even in someone's hotel room.  Often organized within the community of interest.   Misti-con is formalizing this.

An example of an informal meetup is a typical con "shipper meetup". 

What I beleive is by filling out the form, the meetup is put on the schedule versus word of mouth.


Of course this doesn't prevent folks from having informal meetups in their rooms. 

Sep. 26th, 2012



MISTI-Con Livejournal QnA

Hello everyone!

My name is Jonathon Rosenthal, I have posted here occasionally but I don't believe I have formally introduced myself.

I am one of the head chairs of MISTI-Con and my primary job is Logistics.  Along with Cassandra Johnstone and Clay Dockery, we make up the three head chairs of the convention.  The convention staff then consists of a series of our chair people, each one in charge of a specific area such as Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Decorations, Graphics, etc.

I want to begin by thanking Droxy for her assistance in acting as a liason for us in the Livejournal community.  Even though I handle much of MISTI-Con's social network communications, and are an old school LJ user (Perm Account in fact =), my use of LJ has significantly reduced over the years but please do not hold that against me :)

The MISTI-Con team definitely knows that there is a vibrant and active HP community on Livejournal and with Droxy's help we intend to keep you as informed as possible regarding con news and updates.

We recently held a live chat on TinyChat to allow anyone to ask questions of our team.  It was very well received and we believe that we helped a lot of people understand our con better.  The transcript of this chat went online tonight and can be found here: http://www.misti-con.org/chat1.html

Understanding that LJ is a fairly different medium, we want to engage this community in a similar conversation.  Please use the comments section below to Ask Me Anything regarding MISTI-Con.  I will answer questions during the course of the next week, with the bulk of the questions answered next Wednesday Oct 3rd.  This will be followed up by a smaller QnA specifically used to provide elaboration on any of my answers if needed.

Please be aware that thanks to the mighty power of delegation and the need to keep my sanity, I will not have the answers to everything. Some things I will need to consult with other team members about. Also there might be some (though few) questions I might not be able to answer because we can't release certain "works in progress". But I will reveal as much as I can =)

Thank you for your support and interest in MISTI-Con, I look forward to your questions!

-Jon R.

Sep. 17th, 2012

tycho evil


Early Bird Rate Extended Till Midnight Tonight West Coast Time

Due to some technical difficulties Brown Paper Tickets had over the weekend, we extended the Early Bird rate to tonight 3 AM EST.

So if you were interested in getting MISTI-Con registration at a lower rate, but thought you ran out of time. This is one more chance!

Sep. 12th, 2012

death eater1


My Misticon chat notes

I condensed the chat and consolidated them by subject. I've added notes.

Chat Notes:


droxy: I have questions from LJ- mostly crafters who want a vendor table.  Who do they contact?

 jonathon_rosenthal:  - vendors@misti-con.org

serious4sirius: Is there a deadline for signing up to be a vendor?

clay_dockery: Vendor deadline is first come first served

jonathon_rosenthal: We will issue a message as we are getting close to selling out tables

swythyv: Are fees posted on the website?

clay_dockery: we have limited space, so we the earlier you are down for a table the better. http://www.misti-con.org/vendors.html

vendor room will be open 10-6, and some will be staying open late.

Salem is our big vendor, they are basically the east coast Whimsic, and will be bringing many items. (Note- yes they take cash and credit cards)

  emily_barnette: For those of us who do crafts, but don't want to be a vendor, is there a Craft Faire? And how much would it be to have a table?

Craft fair is still TBD.

Note- Craft fair was brought up several times.  It appears the issue is space.

Note- If several crafters go in on one vendor table, you could make a go of it. Just my idea.


cassandra_johnstone: http://www.misti-con.org/formal.html

November 30th at midnight to submit

]cassandra_johnstone: formalprog@misti-con.org  contact me here with programming questions, concerns.

cassandra_johnstone: and yes, indeed.  More academic opportunities are on the way.

cassandra_johnstone: Also, if you are of the Literary persuasion, we have a gorgeous track for that, too!

 jonathon_rosenthal: Jill - Formal programming is VERY structured, it has distinct time periods, formats, and  such.

Note- presentations do not need to be geared to mothers.

Informal is the stuff we expect will cater to different crowds and is more organized by the con rather than by presenters.  For example our informal programming includes karaoke, pool party, beach party, etc.  Also informal programming will GENERALLY be after hours. 

cassandra_johnstone: Hm... we have our generic track, there is a D.E. track, a literary one, a more academic one, but quite a few of those will bleed into one another.

jonathon_rosenthal: I do also want to briefly talk about the Ministry "slant" on the programming.  We are working on a system where formal programs will gain you points towards "occupational certifications".  (e.g. Auror, Care of magical Creatures, etc)

Note- the shell schedule does include lunch and dinner breaks. So no worries.

Note- all this discussion on informal programming does not exclude fan organized meetups/photshoots/etc.



jonathon_rosenthal: And our Call for Fan Art is about 1 month away. (note- Sometime in October....)


jonathon_rosenthal: We are still working on the fan fic and don't have an ETA yet.

Side note- the volunteer sub chair postions have not been filled.  The mistcon tema will contact those who applied for these volunteer postions.


Ministry level passes are actually almost sold out.

Note: we have about 40 or so known attendees from LJ, more on facebook. People were registering during chat! LOL

Other fandoms

serious4sirius: Will you be doing any programming that includes fandoms other than Harry Potter? 

clay_dockery: we are dedicated to being a Harry Potter convention, but comparative programming and cross cos-play are encouraged.  But we want the focus to be HP for our programs and events. 


The MISTI-Con staff does not condone criticism of any other guest. Regardless of their cosplay as long as it maintains community standards*.   (Note: Like dragon con a costume means you must wear clothing consistent to local laws.  Use common sense.)

We are going to be posting a non-harassment policy soon as well. (note: Be nice)

Also note that hotel has to follow community standards rules as well. (e.g. decency laws, open container and whatever New Hampshire has.)

swythyv: Perhaps consider that the resort has been exceptionally cordial to us. We would not want to in any way embarrass them for it in the community in which they must do business.  (Note: AMEN!)


 please send an email to volunteers@misti-con.org with your offer and we can contact you.

 Droxy says-

There is a shuttle form the manchester airport.  All the details are on the mistcon website.

Folks who drive are encouraged to go to the misticon forum and manage the rides from there or simply arrange them with your travel buddies.

Sep. 11th, 2012



Misticon chat on Wednesday

Want to more about MISTI-Con? Have questions about registration, the hotel, events, programming or more? Just want to know more about the people behind this unique Harry Potter fan convention?

Join us at http://chat.hp-nyc.com/ 8pm (eastern) Wednesday, September 12th
Bring your friends!

Sep. 10th, 2012



1 week left!

"Less than a week left for MISTI-Con Early Bird ticket prices!! $110 registration goes up to $150 Sept. 15th! MISTI-Con is hosted by many of the people behind Aeternitas and is located at a stunning private hotel in New Hampshire EXCLUSIVE to the con. No Muggles and the ENTIRE hotel is for our use! You don't want to miss this!



Sep. 1st, 2012

you house is a bunch of perverts


Early bird discount approaching

Important Reminder! There are only 2 weeks left to register at our Early Bird price of $110. After Sept. 15 the registration price goes up to $150. Don't miss out on this excellent offer, and don't miss MISTI-Con!


Aug. 24th, 2012




Misticon attendees are already lining up roomates.

Go log into the forum if you are interested.

I'm SUFFERING on facebook, so you dont have to.  I expect chocolate.


Kristina Moy1:48pm Aug 24
Curious, curious...but who is still looking for a room and roommates? Nicole Moy and I have a room in the Courtyard area and we'd love to have a couple more roommates! Details posted on the forum and you can also message me! :)

Aug. 14th, 2012

Floo DMT


Chair positions end date approaching.

Reminder, we have 4 chair positions open! We are setting a cut off of next Monday so if interested please apply soon.

If you applied, they have your appliction. =)

Go here:


Aug. 10th, 2012

Floo DMT


Ministry Memorandums August 2012

This is an email that was sent by Misti-con.  You need to subscribe to get it. =)

August 2012

Job Openings At MISTI-Con:
We are looking for talented, passionate fans to join our team.  We currently have four positions open, all of which will provide the person chosen, with a free registration to the con.  These positions are Fan Fiction Chair, Fan Art Chair, Community Programming Chair, and Sponsorship Chair.  For the full details and information on how to apply, click here.

Opening Gala Details Revealed:
The MISTI-Con Opening Gala will start our con off with a glorious display of talent.  Including an act so hot it couldn't be allowed inside our events tent!

The Enthusiasts! Cosplayers with a Photography Problem!
The Enthusiasts are an amazing, convention loving troupe of photographers who specialize in convention and cosplay photography. They will be at MISTI-Con for the entire convention to help capture the awesome!

Make sure to follow The Voice of MISTI-Con on Twitter!
Quigley Von Lugenschmidt (@VoiceOfMISTIcon) has been sent to us from the Ministry in London. Over the next few months he will be providing facts and trivia about MISTI-Con. Be aware though, as a former member of the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee he’s here to keep you informed, and the Muggles less so.  You can also hear Quigley's auditory talents with the MISTI-Con Ring Tone!

REMINDER: Early Bird Registration Will Continue till September 15th. After, registration goes up to the standard price of $150

The reservation block for rooms IS OPEN, for information on how to make reservations click here.

Looking for roommates? Travel companions? Check out our forum!

Copyright © 2012 MISTI-Con, All rights reserved.
You signed up for the MISTI-Con newsletter either through Facebook or our homepage
Our mailing address is:
407 east 77th street
Apartment 1W
New York, NY 10075

Add us to your address book

Aug. 8th, 2012



Big Job volunteers needed- compensation is a free registration

LJ is typically known for its variety of and dedication to fanfiction and fanarts/crafts.  Here is an opportunity to have a real impact at con.

Originally posted here:


Fan Fiction Chair

MISTI-Con is looking for someone to handle the Fan Fiction programming at our con.  This person will be responsible for creating the fan fiction acceptance criteria, designing fic related programming and managing the fan fiction submission process.  This will include contacting various fan fiction communities to let them know we are seeking fic submissions.

The person in this position will work very closely with both the Formal and Informal Programming Chairs.  You will be required to have extensive experience collaborating with individuals almost entirely online via e-mail and private forums.

MISTI-Con is a non-profit convention and unfortunately cannot provide direct compensation. All staff positions are volunteer. However, chair positions are provided free passes to the con and will receive a limited edition medal (The Order of Wulfric pin).

Interested parties please e-mail jrosenthal@misti-con.org with the subject: "Fan Fiction Chair".  Please include a cover letter explaining why you would be excellent for this position. Providing a resume is encouraged but not required.

Fan Art Chair

MISTI-Con will be featuring a gallery of fan created works and we need a curator!  The Fan Art Chair will be responsible for designing the layout of the galleries and working with our design team to maximize the amount of works we are able to show while still allowing for a visually pleasing atmosphere.  They will also be responsible for designing the submission guidelines and procedures and advertising the request for works.  This will include seeking out fan art communities and actively looking for submissions.

MISTI-Con is a non-profit convention and unfortunately cannot provide direct compensation. All staff positions are volunteer. However, chair positions are provided free passes to the con and will receive a limited edition medal (The Order of Wulfric pin).

Interested parties please e-mail jrosenthal@misti-con.org with the subject: "Fan Art Chair".  Please include a cover letter explaining why you would be excellent for this position. Providing a resume is encouraged but not required.

Community Programming Chair

Are you an excellent group organizer and communicator? Do you prefer many smaller events rather than single big ones?  Prefer less "traditional" programming at cons and gatherings where anything goes?

Then you might be the perfect Community Programming Chair MISTI-Con is looking for!

The Community Programming Chair is in charge of coordinating fan driven meetups and gatherings and our alternative programming that generally takes place outside of the Formal Programming time periods.

Some of the community programming that we already have planned and you would be responsible for developing and running (or coordinating volunteers to do the same) include:

Karaoke, Cosplay Dance-Dance-Revolution contest, and the late night pool party.

You will also be responsible for coordinating with the various fan groups and individuals who want to have independent meetups at the con.  This mostly involves keeping in communication with these groups, and managing their space and time allocation.

As our schedule allows, you will also have the opportunity to develop additional community programming and will be involved in our open brainstorming sessions.

Please note you will be required to have extensive experience collaborating with individuals almost entirely on-line via e-mail and private forums.

MISTI-Con is a non-profit convention and unfortunately cannot provide direct compensation. All staff positions are volunteer. However, chair positions are provided free passes to the con and will receive a limited edition medal (The Order of Wulfric pin).

Interested parties please e-mail jrosenthal@misti-con.org with the subject: "CP Chair".  Please include a cover letter explaining why you would be excellent for this position. Providing a resume is encouraged but not required.

Sponsorship Chair

MISTI-Con is in need of an outgoing, self-driven sales dynamo to be our sponsorship chair.  This position is very important to the con, as sponsor money allows the con to expand its entertainment and materials budget from funds outside of ticket sales.

The job involves researching and creating lists of potential sponsors such as online businesses, local business in the Laconia, NH area, and select individuals who might be interested in helping MISTI-Con grow in exchange for having their business or service advertised at the convention.

There are various forms of sponsorships we would need you to pursue including:

- Special programming sponsorships (ex: Costume Ball brought to you by...)
- Overall con sponsors (ex. MISTI-Con thanks the following companies for their support...)
- Ads in the convention guide
- Ads on our website
- Donated items to be provided in registration bags and prizes during the convention

The sponsor chair will be expected to work with the head chairs to create a rate sheet, a sales script and sponsor policies.

You will also be required to have extensive experience collaborating with individuals almost entirely online via e-mail and private forums.

MISTI-Con is a non-profit convention and unfortunately cannot provide direct compensation. All staff positions are volunteer. However, chair positions are provided free passes to the con and will receive a limited edition medal (The Order of Wulfric pin).

Interested parties please e-mail jrosenthal@misti-con.org with the subject: "Sponsorship Chair".  Please include a cover letter explaining why you would be excellent for this position. Providing a resume is encouraged but not required.

Aug. 1st, 2012

Lestrange brothers-funny


Death Eaters- Heads up!

I think these folks will have this photoshoot on the Forum (see links to the left), but if not they are coordinating on facebook.

If you want to participate and you have a FB presesnce it appears that you need to go there, or try the forums.

Cat Atchison8:47pm Aug 1
https://www.facebook.com/groups/482209498475548/ Due to the idea that sparked in Apple Tonks's mind and flourished in Jen Forestello's we will be attempting a video of a battle between The Order and The Death Eaters. if you wish to participate in anyway please post here with what you want to do/which side you want to fight for:https://www.facebook.com/groups/482209498475548/

Jul. 31st, 2012



Draft Schedule of Events

The schedule for MISTI-Con is still being prepared, please check back here as we add events and programs.

The web page has a draft  programming schedule.  Note the entertainment.

Misti-con draft schedule

Misti-con already has the following special events planned:

Thursday, May 9th-

1:00pm- 6:30pm: Registration

7:00pm- 8:00pm: Opening Cocktail Hour

8:00pm- 10:00pm: The MISTI-Con Opening Gala & M.S.O Show

Friday, May 10th-

7:00pm-11:00pm: Wizard Rock Nightclub

Saturday, May 11th-

7:00pm- 10:00pm: A Special Performance by Charlie Ross

Sunday, May 12th-

10:00am-11:00am: Mother's Day Brunch

7:00pm- 11:00pm: The MISTI-Con Masquerade Ball

Monday, May 13th-

10:00am- 1:00pm: Closing Ceremonies & Leaving Brunch

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